Kevin represented us on a couple occasions while trying to sell our house. For both times, Kevin was dedicated to OUR needs to sell the house and was acting on OUR behalf with no hidden agenda. He always ensured that we were pointed in the right direction in every facet of the staging/listing/sale of the house.

The 1st attempt to sell our house did not pan out, not due to Kevin’s ability, but external factors out of his control. But the initial experience with Kevin immediately brought us back to him when we had to try and sell our house the second time. The 2nd attempt was a different story…

This one was not an easy transaction to say the least. During many occasions, the transaction process was overwhelming. But again, this was not due to Kevin’s ability but rather the purchaser’s agent. Kevin was “the rock” that we needed to get this sale done and on numerous occasions he went over and above our expectations on what a real estate agent should do. After a long drawn out process, the transaction was finally completed which was primarily due to the dedication and selflessness of Kevin.

We cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you did for us and could not think of a better agent to recommend to someone looking to sell their house.

The Campbells

Mike and Leah Campbell

Hello Kevin, I want to Thank You for the great job you did of selling my cottage. You did exactly as you said you would. You were honest, courteous, knowledgeable and very helpful in the selling process. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to sell or buy a property. Thank You..

Patrick Terrick

We would like to say a Huge thank-you Kevin, for all your Hard work in selling our home/commercial property. Your dedication to detail, professionalism & helping us work through all challenges has been unsurpassed.
We have know Kevin as a friend for many years, and felt very comfortable with him. We knew our property would get the best representation possible & his listings had generated much interest with many showings to help find a proper buyer for our business
Kevin then helped us put together a search , organize viewings, & travelled to locations of homes we were interested in. He helped us purchase our new home & went above & beyond any expectations we could have hoped for in a realtor.

Thank-you Kevin, for making our transition from one lifestyle to another, as seamless as possible.
Anyone looking for a great realtor, we would highly recommend Kevin Stacey@U-View Realty

The Tomlinson's - Trout Lake, French River

A few years ago, we bought a vacant property that Kevin had listed, our experience with him was positive so we decided to list our home with him, he did not disappoint us in being able to remove all anxiety and stress of selling our first home.

We knew Kevin personally as we live in the same community, but he truly upheld the qualities that we found in him previously as being professional, personable, dependable and supportive. After all, these invaluable qualities are exactly what we were looking for in a realtor as they represent us in selling/buying our biggest assets!
We received an offer within three days of listing! We were excited and terrified all at the same time! And to be honest we were a bit nervous of having our realtor representing both the buyers and us but throughout the whole process, Kevin was able to reassure us by providing all the information and guidance we needed, we were totally comfortable and trusted his advice as he continuously encouraged us to make our own decisions. It was truly a great experience!

Now we are ready for a new chapter in our lives of building our next home on that vacant property, thanks Kevin for being a positive presence throughout our venture, we will always be grateful!

The Bouffard Family, Noëlville, ON

We listed our cottage with Kevin Stacey at U-View Realty. We had known Kevin as a friend for a few years and knew him to be personable, honest, and trustworthy. He is the same person as a realtor and also knowledgeable and professional. His advice and support were invaluable. The cottage sold quickly and effortlessly. Thanks Kevin!

The Schmidts

I listed my property with Kevin and from the start it was clear to me that I had made the right choice.

He obtained an offer within a few weeks of the listing and through his diligence and perseverance, the property was sold.

Throughout the entire period that transpired from listing to sale, he remained communicative on a regular basis whether he had news or not. From a seller’s point of view, this is invaluable.

He counselled me on many decisions I needed to be made and in retrospect, that counselling served me very well indeed.

I highly recommend Kevin for anyone’s real estate needs. He is a true professional, honest and down to earth. To put it plainly, he knows his stuff and it shows!!

Thanks Kevin.

Gary - August 1, 2014

Kevin Stacey sold us our very first home in in the spring of 2012, and we’ve been so thankful to him ever since. He is such a professional, courteous, understanding, and dedicated sales representative that he removed almost all of the tremendous anxiety we faced in becoming first-time home buyers.

We were shown our dream house on day one, which was almost unfortunate, because it made us nervous that we were jumping into things too quickly. Kevin understood this and arranged to show us many more residential listings varying in size, location, and price range. He gladly spent this extra time with us while knowing we were likely to focus on our first showing. When we were thoroughly convinced that we could never find a home as fitting as this for our family, we still had to face the stress of making an offer. Kevin walked us through that as well. Emotions went so high and so low through the process, but in the end we struck a deal with a wonderful couple and bought our first home.

It may be common amongst first-time home buyers, but I am amazed by the personal connection we still feel to the realtor who sold us our home. We say “Thank goodness we met Kevin!” every time we reflect on our new life! I don’t think we would have done it without him and I would recommend him to anyone buying or selling a property. Thank you, Kevin!!!

Marianne Schwendener, Chris Burli, and our girls – French River, ON

During the period of January to June, 2012, Kevin was our realtor representative in the listing and sale of two single family dwellings, one in Sudbury and one on Manitoulin Island. During this time we found Kevin to be professional, approachable, courteous, dependable and reliable. Throughout the processes Kevin provided strong guidance while still encouraging us to make our own decisions concerning sale prices and offers. He kept appointments as scheduled and was available to us, by phone, at all times throughout the transactions. Prior to listing each house Kevin thoroughly researched similar properties in each geographical location, provided us with printed copies of those sale transactions and reviewed each one with us in order for us to have an educated discussion concerning listing price. Although both locations were a considerable distance from Kevin’s home he personally inspected each property and provided valuable input as to changes that should or should not be made in order to make the houses more appealing to prospective buyers.

We are pleased to provide our endorsement for Kevin and do not hesitate to recommend him as a real estate contact for anyone looking to buy or sell property.

Karen & Don Finucane

Our Real Estate Agent (Kevin Stacey) that we had to advertise and sell our property was excellent in our opinion. He sold it in about 3 weeks of listing it and he did all of the paperwork and running around. He even went down south to Owen Sound and helped us buy a property there. He helped us from start to finish and nothing was too big or small. We would not hesitate to refer him because he knows how to satisfy a customer and know his business.

Jim and Carolyn McKitrick

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